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Chapter 1
A1Wa Histograms with unequal class widths    .docx    .xlsx
A1Wb Frequency polygon    .docx    .xlsx
A1Wc Cumulative frequency curve    .docx    .xlsx
A1Wd Superimposing two sets of data onto one graph    .docx    .xlsx
A1We Using Excel to create a box plot    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 2
A2Wa Inferring the population skewness value from the sample    .docx    .xlsx
A2Wb Inferring the population kurtosis value from the sample    .docx    .xlsx
A2Wc Chebyshev’s theorem    .docx    .xlsx
A2Wd Measures of average and dispersion for a frequency distribution    .docx    .xlsx
A2We Generating a grouped frequency distribution from raw data using SPSS    .docx

Chapter 3
A3Wa The probability laws - Introduction to the concept of probability and probability laws    .docx    .xlsx
A3Wb Probability distributions and approximations    .docx    .xlsx
A3Wc Other useful probability distributions    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 4
AW4 Use SPSS to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem    .docx

Chapter 5
AW5 Resampling with Replacements (Bootstrapping)    .docx

Chapter 6
A6Wa Common assumptions about data    .docx
A6Wb Meaning of the p-value    .docx
A6Wc Statistical power and type II error    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 7
A7Wa Two-sample z test using Excel    .docx    .xlsx
A7Wb Comparing population variances: variance ratio F test and Levene’s test    .docx    .xlsx
A7Wc Welch ANOVA test    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 8
A8Wa Chi-square goodness of fit    .docx    .xlsx
A8Wb Chi-square test for one population variance    .docx    .xlsx
A8Wc Chi-square test for normality    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 9
A9Wa Testing the significance of linear correlation between the two variables    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wb Testing the significance of Spearman rank correlation coefficient    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wc The use of the t-test to test whether the predictor variable is a significant contributor    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wd The use of the F-test to test whether the predictor variable is a significant contributor    .docx    .xlsx
A9We Confidence interval estimate for the slope    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wf Autocorrelation    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wg Standard error for the autocorrelation function    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wh Significance of the autocorrelation coefficients and evaluation    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wi Partial autocorrelation coefficient    .docx    .xlsx
A9WJ Error and residual inspection    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wk Non-linear regression analysis    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wl Multiple regression analysis    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wm Linear regression and Durbin Watson test for autocorrelation    .docx    .xlsx
A9Wn Regression goodness of fit    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 10
A10Wa Other types of trends    .docx
A10Wb Index numbers refresher    .docx    .xlsx

Chapter 11
A11Wa Different ways to implement exponential smoothing forecasting in Excel    .docx    .xlsx
A11Wb Excel ETS seasonal exponential forecasting    .docx    .xlsx